January - Garnet

Most commonly known as red, Garnet comes in all colours except blue. They are known to stop hemorrhaging, cure inflammatory diseases and manage anger. Garnets symbolize fidelity, loyalty, sincerity, grace and faith.

February - Amethyst

It has long been said that the Amethyst can guard against drunkiness and has a sobering effect for those excited by passion and love. It symbolizes peace, protection, tranquility, and sincerity.

March - Aquamarine

A symbol of honesty, loyalty and beauty. The aquamarine is supposed to offer protection from evil and is also said to bring love and affection back into a failing relationship.

April - Diamond

The most coveted gemstone to date, diamonds are a symbol of eternal love. They're thought to provide those who wear them with better relationships, balance, clarity, abundance, and an increase in inner strength.

May - Emerald

Thought to imprrove memory, faith and intuition, emerald are a symbol for constancy and true affection. Some cultures believe them to grant their oner foresight, good fortune and youth. The name emerald is derived from the Greek ord "smaragdus" meaning "green".

June - Pearl / Alexandrite / Moonstone

June is one of only two months that has three birthstones associated with it, giving the lucky people born in June a choice of gemstones between pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.

June’s birthstones range from creamy-colored opalescent pearl and moonstone to the rare color-changing alexandrite. With this spectrum of price points and color options, people with June birthdays can choose a beautiful gemstone to fit any mood or budget.

July - Ruby

A ruby provides strength, vigor and nobility, helping protect its wearer from the evils of the orld. It signifies love and passion hile attracting good luck.

August - Peridot

Symbolizing dignity, fame and prosperity. Perodots have been used in jeellery through the ages to achive peace and success, and to attract love and good fortune. Haaiians believe the traces of peridot found in volcanic ash are the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele.

September - Sapphire

In ancient Greece, royals ere convinced that blue shapphires protected their oners from envy and harm. During the Middle Ages, people thought the gem attracted heavenly blessings. Others instilled sapphires ith the poer to guard chastity, make peace beteen enemies, influence spirits, and reveal the secrets of oracles.

October - Opal / Pink Tourmaline

Because opal has the colors of other gems, the Romans thought it was the most precious and poerful of all. The Bedouins believed that opals contained lightning and fell from the sky during thunderstorms. The ancient Greeks believed opals gave their oners the gift of prophecy and guarded them from disease, hile Europeans have long considered the gem a symbol of hope, purity, and truth.

Very few gems match tourmaline's dazzling range of colors. From rich reds to pastel pinks and peach colors, intense emeralsd greens to vivid yellows and deep blues, the breadth of this gem's color range is unrivalled. The confusion about the stone's identity is even reflected in its name, which comes from " Toramalli" hich means "mixed gems" in Sinhalese (a language of Sri Lanka)

November - Citrine

The first ues of citrine in jewellery can be dated back to the Hellenistic Age (323-280BC) in greece. At one time it as used as a talisman against alcoholism, evil thoughts, overindulgences, scandal, libel and treachery. Some also carried it as protection against plagues, epidemics, as well as venomous snake and reptile bites.

December - Tanzanite / Zircon / Turquoise

Since the Middle ages. Blue Zircon has been believed to aid in spiritual groth and to promote wisdom. Those ho wear blue zircon, it is said, will find beauty and peace.

As a relatively new gemstone. Tanzanite does not have any mythical or mysterious powers associated with it. But hat it lacks in history, it compensates with beauty in its deep blue and purple tones.

Turquoise attracts money, success and love. Its powers include protection, healing, courage, friendship and luck. It relaxes the mind and eases mental tension.